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2020 Schedule

Year Level Tuition Fees (Annual) Tuition Fees (Per Term)
Prep* $4,712 $1,178.00
Year 1* $9,970 $2,492.50
Year 2* $10,076 $2,519.00
Year 3* $11,853 $2,963.25
Year 4* $14,457 $3,614.25
Year 5 $19.838 $4,959.50
Year 6 $19,838 $4,959.50
Year 7 $23,476 $5,869.00
Year 8 $23,476 $5,869.00
Year 9 $25,745 $6,436.25
Year 10 $25,745 $6,436.25
Year 11 $26,974 $6,743.50
Year 12 $26,974 $6,743.50

*Following a detailed review of Joigny, our Junior School, our Board and Leadership Team are committed to enabling more students to access our unique Sacred Heart education from a younger age. We are therefore pleased to announce that Prep to Year 4 tuition fees will be progressively reduced by 50% over the next 5 years commencing with Prep in 2020.  

The compulsory annual building levy of $1,250 per family will be invoiced over the four quarterly billing cycles. Charges for camps, retreats and overnight excursions will be billed during 2019 as the expense arises for the year level.

Sibling Discount
A 10% discount of tuition fees applies to the second and subsequent sisters attending the School at the same time.

Method of Payment

Payment Options:

Advance Payment of Fees

For payments made for a full year in advance by 30 November 2019 there is a 3% reduction in the total amount of net tuition fees (which excludes the building levy).

Invoice Dates

Fees and levies will be invoiced four times a year. Billings will be due in advance of the start of each term. For Year 12 only, billing four is due for payment by 30 June.

2019 Business Terms

Sacré Cœur’s Business Terms can be downloaded here.