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Alumnae Association

Sacré Cœur was established in 1888 and we have many thousands of women who have passed through the gates and walked up our historic Brown Stairs – as boarders, day students and staff.  The Sacré Cœur Alumnae Association (formerly known as the Sacré Cœur Old Girls’ Association) was established at the start of the 20th century and each year our community grows.

The Alumnae Association brings its members into closer touch with one another, to maintain a spirit of loyalty to their old school and to assist in works of charity. The association organises a number of activities including special Masses, social and sporting activities, film nights, soirées, golf and tennis competitions. The Association enjoys close links to the School through attendance at Masses, luncheons, meetings and the many reunions are regularly held at the School.



  • Co-President – Marianne Cassin (1977)
  • Co-President – Kerry Bergin (1960)
  • Secretary – Genevieve Grabau (1976)
  • Treasurer – Charlotte Stoltz (2010)

General Committee Members

  • Sarah Coyle-Rudd (2000)
  • Charlotte Crowley (2010)
  • Nicola Duggan (1984)
  • Simone Eason (1989)
  • Gabrielle Garlepp (1980)
  • Sophie Jackman (2000)
  • Lizzie Joyce (1984)
  •  Virginia Kennedy (Staff 1972 – 2011)
  •  Helen McCormack (1963)
  • Celeste Medcalfe (1987)
  • Jane Murfett (1977)
  • Steph Quinn (1985)
  • Marisa Reid (1983)

For enquires email or call 03 9835 2700


Membership is drawn from past students of the earliest houses of the School, briefly at Hiawatha, Balaclava, and Clifton, Malvern and then from 1888 onwards from those at Burke Road, Glen Iris. Recent amendments to the constitution have broadened the eligibility base to include any student who has attended any another Sacré Cœur school or institution

Stay Connected

We invite Sacré Cœur alumnae to join our online networking platform – sacconnect. This platform makes it easier to connect, professionally network and give back to current and past Sacré Cœur students. Joining sacconnect is as simple as signing in using your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, or using your email address.

Members are also emailed the Esprit de Cœur newsletter four times per year and receive the Burke Road Bulletin two times per year. These communications contain alumnae material including the births, deaths, marriages and photos of reunions and other events, as well as up-to-date school information.

Links to the latest editions of the Esprit de Cœur are listed to the right of this page.

The Janet Stuart Bursaries

The Janet Stuart Bursary Fund, named after Mother Janet Stuart RSCJ, was established by the Alumnae Association to provide financial assistance to enable children and grand children of alumnae experiencing financial difficulty to attend Sacré Cœur. A separate committee administers the fund. Funds for the Bursary are drawn from donations from the Association, from members and others. The families of daughters and granddaughters of alumnae from any Sacré Cœur school around the world are eligible to apply for this financial assistance.

Small Pleasures Fund – Supporting Alumnae

The Small Pleasures Fund supports members of the Sacré Cœur alumnae community living with a debilitating illness or injury or experiencing life-changing trauma.

The Fund was set up by a group of former Sacré Cœur students who identified the importance of reaching out to alumnae going through a difficult time and reminding them they are part of a strong and compassionate community. A variety of ‘small pleasures’ is offered to alumnae of all ages including spa treatments, holiday accommodation, gift vouchers, cleaning services, gourmet food hampers or a special lunch or dinner.  Careful consideration is given to ensure every ‘small pleasure’ is appropriate for recipients and their circumstance. To find our more email or visit the Small Pleasures website.

Special Events – Weddings

It is always an honour for the School to be approached by alumnae to hold their wedding in our beautiful Chapel. Please note, however, that we cannot accept bookings for Friday evenings or during the school holidays. To book your wedding, please contact Marian Andrews on 9835 2776 or email.

National and International Collaboration

Association Mondial des Anciens et Anciennes du Sacré-Cœur, (AMASC) was formed in 1960 in Brussels at the request of Reverend Mother General de Valon. Reverend Mother de Valon saw the important and vital role the alumnae and alumni could play in fostering the work and spirit of the Society of the Sacred Heart. National Associations of women and men were organized to form the World Association that included alumnae and alumni from over 38 countries.

Locally, the Australian Sacré Cœur Association (ASCA) is the vital body which links the alumnae associations from Sacré Cœur Burke Road (VIC), Sacre Coeur Association of NSW, Stuartholme (QLD) together; and in turn connects us to the World Body; AMASC.

Sancta Sophia College (NSW) and Duchesne College (QLD) whilst not active or paying members of ASCA are captured as part of the community of Sacré Cœur and are connected to the relevant schools via the RSCJ’s administration of the colleges when they were initially set up.

In addition, Baradene in Auckland New Zealand is the fourth Sacred Heart School that consists of the  Australia and New Zealand Network of Sacred Heart Schools in the Australia New Zealand Province.

The purpose of ASCA is to create and maintain friendship and solidarity between Australian Alumnae and all National Federations and Associations of Alumnae of the Sacred Heart with the aim of achieving true national and international collaboration. It is a non-profit organisation.  Alumnae of all three schools are automatically lifelong members via their individual alumnae memberships.

Every four years the responsibility of forming a committee and running ASCA is rotated around the three Sacred Heart schools in Australia. Sacré Cœur in Melbourne hold the Presidency (until end 2019) and can respond to any questions you may have in regards to the AMASC and the international alumnae Congress that is held every four years.  The next Congress is anticipated to be held in 2022.

For enquiries email or call 03 9835 2700

Other member school alumnae can be contacted here:

Kincoppal Rose Bay Past Students

Stuartholme Alumnae Association

2019 Events

  • Saturday 16 November, 2019
    Mass of Remembrance, Chapel and Kirby Centre
    10:00 am
  • Saturday 23 November, 2019
    Small Pleasures Lunch, Leonda
    12:00 pm

Reunion Events 2019

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