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Our Master Plan

Discover how we are transforming our educational landscape

New Resource, Science, Technology and Creative Arts Building

At Sacré Cœur, we are focused on creating accessible, agile and innovative learning environments for our students and staff.

We are therefore delighted to unveil plans for a new state-of-the-art Resource, Science, Technology and Creative Arts Building. Demolition took place in the Term 3 holidays and constuction is due to begin shortly.

This exciting project is part of a new broader School Master Plan that provides for the ongoing evolution of our buildings and beautiful grounds.

The new facility, to be located in the heart of our campus, will be a keystone for our learning community. It will provide critical physical infrastructure for Sacré Cœur’s innovative practice and leading edge programs, replacing our existing old science building and staff room.

Key Building Project Features

Some of the key features of this building project will include:

We invite you to find out more about this project below.

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Message from the Principal and School Board

One Heart, One Vision, One Purpose

Building to shape learning for the future

We are delighted to be able to share with you the plans for a new Information Resource, Science, Technology and Creative Arts building. This is Phase 1 of a broader School Master Plan that will provide for the future of learning and teaching excellence at Sacré Cœur.

The building is expected to be completed ready for the 2021 school year.

The new building, located in the heart of our campus, will be a keystone for our learning community. It will provide critical physical infrastructure for Sacré Cœur’s innovative pedagogies and leading-edge learning programs. The new building will provide a range of physical connections across four levels, include flexible learning spaces and replace the existing old science and staff room buildings.

The innovative spaces in the new building are expected to bring together information resources, science, technology, engineering, creative arts and mathematics for both Joigny and the Secondary School. Students will be encouraged to pursue their learning passions in an environment designed to ensure that connection, mastery, authenticity and agency is grown within our learners. It will maximise the development of key capabilities in our young women so that they can move with confidence and courage into futures where they will indeed shape the world.

As part of this project, the ground floor of the McGuinness Building, which currently houses the Library, was converted into a new Staff Centre. This investment in facilities for our wonderful teachers is the first in living memory. Their new working environment will provide spaces that foster increased collegiality, morale and excellence.

We are excited to share with you plans and artist’s impressions in the brochure below..

Take a look into the future…

We invite you to explore the artist impressions and floor plans below for our proposed new Information Resource, Science, Technology and Creative Arts Building.

Construction is expected to commence in 2019.

About the Project

The new Resource, Science, Technology and Creative Arts Building will be a keystone of both the campus and Sacré Cœur’s general learning community. It will provide critical physical infrastructure for our innovative practice and leading edge education programs. The building will enhance and support a creative use of space, and provide flexible and adaptive areas that address current capacity needs.

The spaces in the building will provide both physical and instructional linkages across the campus to create a network of integrated learning communities; bringing together science, technology, engineering, creative arts, and mathematics. It will encourage students to pursue their learning passions with all of these options available and integrated, rather than in separate silos. Throughout the building will be different learning space options, which encourage small groups to break out and provide opportunities for collaboration. The top level of the building provides whole-of-School flexible options.

The proposed building will appear as an elongated and gentle curve that mediates between the existing buildings. The facility will span four levels and be of a significant scale, although sited recessively so that it will not be visible from the Burke Road elevation above the ridge of the Main Wing.

The facility will sensitively connect directly into the rear of the Main Wing at the west end, and into the Janet Erskine Stuart Centre at the east end.

Each end of the new building will have stairs and passenger lifts that will provide quick vertical transport and universal access to the adjacent buildings. The new Joigny facilities will be on the Ground Floor.

The First and Second floors will house the new Library and will have internal stairs linking its two levels. Science labs are on each of the Ground, First and Second floors, and these rooms adjacent indoor and outdoor breakout spaces. The First and Second floors each have an internal street with stopping points and breakout spaces that meld into the building’s central and outdoor breakout spaces, linking together the Library with the informal, general, and specialist learning areas. These internal streets connect the Main Wing to the Janet Erskine Stuart Centre.

The Third Floor will have an outdoor space with an open deck, views and landscaping; and indoor spaces that can be utilised by creative arts, engineering and digital design. Each level will have new amenities at Janet Erskine Stuart Centre. There will also be new locker and outdoor learning spaces added to the eastern classrooms of the Main Wing.

Environmentally sustainable design provisions to be explored will include passive design and natural ventilation principals, daylight lighting and glare control, rainwater collection, storm water detention and reuse, photovoltaics, efficient construction systems, and materials with recyclability and low volatile organic compounds.

About the Architects

The building will be designed by Hede Architects.

Hede Architects is an award winning practice that has been creating unique solutions and designing schools for a large range of students for over 30 years.

The practice works with a range of pedagogies, all of which are aimed at creating self-initiated learning in a safe, flexible, inspiring environment. A dedicated team of architects work on each project, and each team member has areas of specialisation so that the project can benefit from the latest in design technologies and innovation.

Hede Architects are committed to the development of the brief with the client and users of the building, designing from the inside out so that the pedagogy of our School is expertly reflected in the design.

For more information about Hede Architects click here.

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Giving to Sacré Cœur has the power to change lives and build futures.

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Sacré Cœur’s Building Fund ensures that generous and continuing donor support helps us to transform our buildings and grounds for generations of students and staff, while maintaining our heritage and history.

All donations to the Sacré Cœur Foundation’s Building Fund over $2 are tax deductible.

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