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Once again, we are very proud of the achievements of our VCE students.

Congratulations to our dux Emma Walling, who achieved an ATAR of 99.75. We are immensely proud of our results at an individual and collective level. The Year 12 Class of 2018­­ worked well with their dedicated teachers to achieve their best. They also contributed so much to our community over their final year to ensure it was a very memorable one for all. We are delighted to report that of the 87 students of the Class of 2018, 23% have achieved an ATAR of greater than 95 and 49% achieved an ATAR of over 90.

These results are extremely good and reflect the hard work put in by the girls and their teachers throughout their years at Sacré Cœur, not just in 2018. Sacré Cœur is an open entry school and our students have once again excelled.

The Year 12 Class of 2018 achieved the following:

  • Nine students achieved an ATAR of greater than 97.
  • Four perfect Study Scores of 50 were achieved in the following subjects: Business Management, Australian History, English and Dance (non Sacré Cœur).


VCE Results Brochure

  • Median Study Score is 36
  • Median ATAR is 89.65
  • 3% achieved an ATAR over 99
  • 23% achieved an ATAR over 95
  • 49% achieved an ATAR over 90
  • 67% achieved an ATAR over 85
  • 70% achieved an ATAR over 80

By our calculation the percentage of Study Scores over 40 is 26.6%.  This is the measure by which all schools are ranked.

Success comes in countless forms at Sacré Cœur and we are especially pleased that many of our girls achieved at a level greater than their original hopes and expectations. None of this success is possible without the highest quality teaching staff and I thank all the staff for their dedication and expert guidance.  In particular, we commend Ms Andrea Cincotta (Business Management) and Mr Chris Maguire (English and Australian History) who guided students to achieving perfect scores of 50.

Sacré Cœur is immensely proud of the achievements of the Class of 2018.  We are confident they will approach their future studies with the confidence gained from their experience at Sacré Cœur. They will be exceptional ambassadors for our school as they follow their hearts in their future endeavours.

Anna Masters


VCE Results: 2018

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