Student Wellbeing

Our Student Wellbeing Program

Student Wellbeing relates to and is central to the life of each Sacré Cœur student. As such, we have a whole school approach to Student Wellbeing, recognising that wellbeing entails all dimensions of a person: the intellectual, social and emotional, moral, physical, aesthetic and spiritual.

At the heart of our School, is a deep and active regard for each young woman’s wellbeing. Our School policies, programs, structures and curriculum and, in fact, all our undertakings, are student-centred.

There are many aspects of Student Wellbeing and a variety of wellbeing affiliated programs. Two core programs through which we deliver the Pastoral Curriculum are the Wellness Program (P-6) and the Cor Unum Program (7-12).  At each Year Level, the curriculum, which is based on standards of best practice and accredited wellbeing frameworks, is specifically developed to address pertinent issues facing girls at their particular age and stage of development. Accompanying the core pastoral curriculum are targeted skills and values.

Underpinning Student Wellbeing is our School’s Restorative Practices Approach, which places relationships at the centre of student behaviour. Restorative Practices enable students to develop their emotional intelligence, reflect upon and change behaviour and build relationships. Compassion, forgiveness, respect, inclusivity and responsibility are some of the keystone values which are fostered in our students through Restorative Practices.

Ultimately, at Sacré Cœur, student wellbeing means the pursuit of excellence and rigour, in the context of a growth mindset, within a supportive and nurturing learning environment. Such an environment affords all students experiences of connectedness, a sense of belonging, engagement and positive, respectful relationships with peers and teachers.

Self-worth, purpose, tenacity, optimism and hope lie at the heart of Sacré Cœur’s Student Wellbeing philosophy.


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