Restorative Practices at Sacré Cœur

“Let us look at each child with deep respect. She is made in the image of God and already it exits in her the capacity to choose all that is good if we take the time to awaken her reason and to help her to put into practice her capacity for reflection.” Madeleine Sophie Barat RSCJ

At Sacré Cœur, we believe that positive relationships lie at the heart of learning and for children to be ready to learn, they must firstly feel happy and secure. How to get along with others, how to form positive and life giving relationships and how to resolve conflict is part of what each person must learn in order to live rich, hope-filled and rewarding lives.

Sacré Cœur uses the approach known as Restorative Practices to respond to and manage conflict and challenging behaviours and to foster personal accountability and socially responsible relationships between people. Restorative Practices is based on the principles of affirmation, respect and reciprocal responsibility. It teaches positive social interaction and emotional literacy and helps students learn to understanding of how their behaviour impacts on others.

Restorative Practices sit within the context of both Catholic teaching and the goals of Sacred Heart education. At its core, Restorative Practices values the dignity and inherent goodness of each person and promotes forgiveness, healing and avenues of reconciliation for each person harmed when there is an area of conflict.


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