Sacré Cœur

Our People


Teaching professionals

Students at Sacré Cœur benefit from highly qualified teachers who are experts in their disciplines.  However, their commitment often goes well beyond the classroom as our exemplary staff assist with many co-curricular activities and freely give of their time to assist students requiring additional support. The staff at Sacré Cœur recognise the importance of regular and ongoing communication between the School and home.  The first point of contact with the School should be directed to the student's Homeroom teacher.

Key Staff Members:

  • Principal - Mrs Anna Masters
  • Principal's Assistant - Mrs Sue Wilkins
  • Deputy Principal - Ms Wendy Ross
  • Director of Students (7-12) - Ms Adelina Melia-Douvos
  • Director of Learning and Teaching - Ms Jennifer Carter
  • Director of Mission - Mr Mark Oski
  • Business Manager - Mr John Livingstone
  • Head of Joigny Junior School - Ms Janine Hogan
  • School Organiser - Mr Greg Savy
  • Director of Community Relations - Mr Alastair Lee
  • Admissions Manager - Ms Julie Muldoon
  • Marketing and Communications Manager - Mrs Cherie Tucker
  • Alumnae Relations Manager - Mrs Melinda Adams
  • Student Wellbeing Leader (P-6) - Mrs Loretta Williams
  • Foundation Administrative Officer/Facilities Hire - Ms Marian Andrews
  • ICT Manager - Ms Kate Knight
  • Risk and Compliance Manager - Mrs Natalie Visic

Year Level Co-ordinators:

  • Year 7 - Ms Jessica Clarke
  • Year 8 - Mrs Sharleen Stone
  • Year 9 - Ms Megan Marshall
  • Year 10 - Ms Erin Clements
  • Year 11 - Ms Fiona Morse
  • Year 12 - Mr Chris Maguire

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