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Focus Goal

Five Goals of a Sacred Heart Education

There are five Sacred Heart Goals of Sacred Heart Education. Each year the Sacré Cœur community confers a particular emphasis on one of the five. This annual goal is known as the Focus Goal. Each of the goals is addressed over a five year cycle. Even though there is a special accent on the annual Focus Goal, the community continues its commitment to ‘living out' each of the goals every year.

The Principal and the Sophie Team are entrusted with the responsibility of being the custodians of the ‘Sacred Heart Ethos' within the School, in particular, ensuring that each year's Focus Goal is ‘lived out' actively by the school community.

2018 Focus Goal

In 2018, the Focus Goal is: Building Community as a Christian Value

Community is a foundational element of life at Sacré Cœur. The fostering of community is driven by the life giving, Sacred Heart attitude of what we do, we do together. Each individual is encouraged to contribute their individual gifts to the building of community, as well as, to appreciate those offerings of others.

Criteria of the Goal:

  • Skills needed to build community are taught and opportunities to exercise these skills are provided.
  • School policies and practices are established and reviewed in the light of Christian principles.
  • The School provides for students the opportunities to understand and appreciate the differences of race, religion and culture.
  • The life of the School community is deepened by an understanding of the purposes and evolving tradition of Sacred Heart education.
  • The School participates actively in the national and international network of Sacred Heart schools.
  • The program is designed to help students take their place as responsible citizens in an interdependent world.


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