Sacré Cœur Careers Counselling

Careers Counselling

Getting help to shape her world.

Careful guidance and sequential programs enable our students to make wise choices about their future career planning.

Our aim is to provide our school community with all the latest information that will help our students make decisions about their future career and life beyond school.

Sacré Cœur has a well-resourced Careers Centre and employs a dedicated and expert Careers Counsellor who is available to Secondary students requiring advice on subject selection, career pathways and pre-requisites. Our Careers Counsellor is also happy to meet with parents and students together to discuss future options.

While our careers program begins in earnest in Year 9 with My Careers Match testing, our Years 7 and 8 students are exposed to the importance of subject selection for their senior years through a series of programs and presentations delivered by our Director of Learning and Teaching.

Year 9

Year 9 Programs:

  • Introduction to and Preparation for Work Experience.
  • My Career Match Interest Test.

Year 10

In Year 10, our students receive further guidance on subject selection and pathways via careers testing. Year 10s also complete a range of occupational health and safety modules before heading out into the real world of Work Experience. They are exposed to resume writing techniques, interview skills and personal presentation. Our Director of Learning and Teaching and our Careers Counsellor work closely with our Year 10 students to ensure that they approach their VCE subject selection to give themselves the best possible range of options with subjects in which they not only excel, but enjoy.

Year 10 Programs:

  • Individual Counselling for Work Experience.
  • Occupational Health and Safety training (OHS) and testing in general work issues.
  • Industry specific training and testing in OHS.
  • One week of Work Experience.
  • Voluntary placements in school holidays.
  • Careers Testing: Report administered by Career Avenues (interests, aptitudes and personality).
  • Careers Testing Feedback appointment for Individual students and parents.
  • Individual counselling for career and VCE subject choice, parents welcome to attend.
  • Guest speaker program.
  • Coaching Young People for Success Workshop.
  • Interviews Skills and Resume Writing Workshop.
  • University Open Days encouraged.

Year 11

Students in Year 11 participate in a Career's Information afternoon. Visiting tertiary providers and guest speakers (including Alumnae) present valuable information to the girls who have the opportunity to ask many probing questions.

Year 11 Programs:

  • Encouraged to use the Careers Centre and make use of resources available.
  • Individual counselling for Year 12 subject selection and tertiary preparation.
  • Guest Speaker Program and Careers Day.
  • Open Day attendance.

Year 12

Year 12 students will have greater access to our Careers Counsellor to research career options and pathways.  Students are strongly encouraged to visit tertiary open days and guest speakers are brought into the school.

Year 12 Programs:

  • Individual counselling in preparation for tertiary study and career options- appointments in Terms 1 and 3. Students can drop in or make appointments at any other time as well.
  • Use of Careers Centre for further research.
  • Research demonstrations.
  • Attendance at Open Days.
  • University visits.
  • Guest Speaker program and Careers Day.



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